Project goods and procurement
Customized solutions for safe and reliable transportation of challenging goods. Our project cargo team has a wealth of local practical expertise. They work closely with your employees, from the initial concept to delivery, and they will build and manage your special projects. Regardless of the size, weight or complexity of the treatment. Multiple modes of transportation Regardless of the size, weight or configuration of the goods, we can propose the most appropriate solution through a variety of end-to-end transportation modes combined with the most comprehensive visibility ▪ Conventional vessel ▪ RORO vessel ▪ Container bulk cargo, including super large containers ▪ air transport ▪ Marine and marine leasing ▪ Inland water transportation by barge ▪ Coastal sea transportation ▪ Land transportation of overweight goods with multi axle combined Trailer Project logistics management We lead global logistics planning with a control tower approach and full visibility, ▪ All inclusive basic factory relocation Logistics ▪ Project planning and management ▪ Overall logistics control until mobilization and supervision of site team ▪ Supplier management, where we have special expertise in automotive, aerospace and renewable energy ▪ Delivery and site erection ▪ Including all necessary supporting it solutions Complementary solutions If necessary, we can provide all the supplementary value-added support tailored in the fully integrated service. ▪ Consultation and overall logistics plan ▪ Road survey and feasibility study ▪ on-the-spot supervision ▪ It solutions, including progress visibility, with complete KPIs
Providing services
Professional binding workers and drivers and other workers Work site safety Schedule of work
Setup program (if required) It support
Public light buses have trailers, forklifts and trucks PWD has two large warehouses PSA has the manpower to support the technical way Yuanfeng provides chartering and shipping agency Pioneer China provides customs broker
Relationship with transport sector Police matters Dealing with import department Get a license Ministry of highways
Dealing with technical problems Looking for the best way of logistics
bid Reporting procedures to customers Any feedback received
Operation mode
It (Information Technology)
Pioneer Logistics Group
Government cooperation
Customer service
Trailer frame
Trailer head
Lifting platform
Shock absorbing frame
40 tons - 100 tons
Common front
Shock absorption front
Lifting platform
2 (ownership) 10 (contract)
3 (ownership) 15 (contract)
15 (self) 20 (contract)
3 (self) 15 (contract)
150 (self)
5ton: 10 (self) 25ton: 3 (contract)
15 (ownership) 10 (contract)
10 (ownership) 15 (contract)
3 (ownership) 6 (contract)
Procurement process
We also provide procurement for customers in Hong Kong and southern construction markets, mainly in building materials, aggregates, equipment, engineering machinery and human resources procurement services.
Purchase substitution
building material Cement (52.5, pbfc) Crushed or natural gravel of various sizes
Heavy equipment excavating machinery Crane Pre drilled outlets, etc
tool Bolts and nuts Cable Angle steel Welding machine and electronic node Generator, etc
transport Barge Container Large capacity generator tug Special purpose truck / Trailer
Heavy equipment excavating machinery Crane Pre drilled outlets, etc
human resources Site manager executive director Fitter Welder electrician Rigging, etc
Let or hire
Relocation of LGD line P4
Pioneer Logistics Group successfully completed the relocation from South Korea to Chinese mainland, mainly concentrated on 120 skilled manpower and property.
Entry name -LGD P4 line moved from South Korea to China
Construction period: December 2018 to December 2020 ■ volume: 75000cbm Volume: 950000cbm- Stepper: 25 ea- Temperature and humidity container: 70 Shipping mode -Ocean: 4 times RORO charter T / s Shanghai Port -Freight: 4400 trucks in Korea / China ■ Departure and final destination: - from Kumi, Korea -To Zhengzhou, China Scope of work -Packaging and packaging. -Labeling and transportation -Export customs clearance and documentation. -Sea transportation from pyungtek port to Shanghai port by RORO vessel. -Import customs clearance and documentation. -Truck transport and storage near the destination. -Move to a new factory
Hong Kong MTR EMU delivery
Vanguard logistics group is delivering 336 trains for Hong Kong Metro trains. We have specially optimized and highly specialized our tractors and truck heads, including the following staff:
Entry name – Hong Kong SCL business Performance ■ Duration: 2016-2021 ■ Quantity: 336 EMUs ■ pol: Mashan port, Korea / Pod: Hong Kong ■ Final destination: Ho Tung Lou warehouse of MTR ■ Transportation mode: by truck ■ Scope of work - customs declaration and port agent ro ro operation – unloading cargo from Trailer – deliver to the warehouse designed by the consignee - arrange police escort and patrol vehicles for safe transportation on the road – check the road condition and clear the road to allow the trailer to pass through and enter the warehouse. – lift to MTR warehouse with 300 ton mobile crane
Cement supporting works for the third runway in Hong Kong
The ocean and project team of pioneer air sea (Hong Kong) is using our own heavy lifting equipment to deliver 350 cable drums to Hongkong Electric and CLP. The specially optimized and highly specialized staff are as follows:
Entry name Ls cable transportation project Performance ■Duration: 2018-2020 ■Capacity: LS cable drum 350 EA ■ pol: Pusan, Korea / Pod: Hong Kong ■ final destination: Hong Kong Island ■ mode of transportation: by sea and truck ■Scope of work Customs declaration documents Transfer the drum from the flatbed container to the low bed trailer Transport to warehouse and warehouse Check the road condition and clear the road for the trailer to pass through and enter the operation site Delivery in accordance with instructions Lift down to jobsite and remove the empty drum.


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