Xianjie logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive modern logistics enterprise with legal person qualification approved by Shenzhen traffic bureau, industrial and commercial registration and tax registration. The company specializes in long-distance, short-distance goods, zero load transportation and return business, professional mechanical equipment transportation, large-scale transportation, bulk transport, wooden box packaging and other services. The company has professional service and supply chain logistics management mode, providing logistics, warehousing, distribution "one-stop" service.

Service guarantee:
1. Through the service network or fax, telephone timely feedback to customers about the arrival of the goods, the operation on the way and the delivery, increase the operation transparency, and relieve the worries. 2. Each order of goods will contact the other party's customer on the day of arrival of the goods according to the receiving party's telephone number provided by the customer, and inform the other party of the accurate delivery time by fax, telephone or e-mail. 3. The company's internal management is rigorous, the division of departments is clear, and the cooperation is closely linked. Each order of goods has a detailed record, which is signed and verified by each department level by level. Finally, it is handed over to the operation Department for specific operation, and followed up by the customer service department. 4. It has driver files, and can provide valid certificates, copies and contact numbers of logistics drivers at any time. Strict management, emphasis on internal training, the company's employees can do as our customers are everything, as private property and goods to provide the best protection and service. 5. The quality of the company's operators is comprehensive, and can provide timely, economical and efficient services for every small part of customers. 6. The company has a set of complete logistics workflow system, which is responsible for loading goods, in transit, information feedback and arrival notice. It can handle specific matters timely and effectively, and provide 24-hour service.
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Xianjie logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd Shenzhen Runtong Xianjie import and Export Co., Ltd